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Tannoy Speakers For Sale

Looking for Tannoy Speakers For Sale? Since the Scottish-based brand is very popular, it is available all over the world. If your local store does not have what you want, there are various Internet sites that can assist you.

Tannoy Ltd is the leading manufacturer of loudspeakers and public-address (PA) systems. The company was first named Tulsemere Manufacturing Company when it was founded in London, England in 1926. Since the 1970s, it has been based in Coatbridge, Scotland. Tannoy rose to popularity after supplying PA systems to the army during World War II, as well as to Pontins and Butlins holiday camps after the war.

The term “tannoy” is commonly used in colloquial English throughout the British Commonwealth to mean any public-address system. When people are referring to speakers used for announcements in public places, they just call it “tannoy” as a generic term even though it is a registered trademark, regardless of what brands they originally are. Because of this, the company tries to preserve its trademark by writing to publications that use its trade name without a capital letter or as a generic term for PA systems.

One of the latest Tannoy Speakers for sale is the CMS 1201DC. It is a huge format in-ceiling loudspeaker device, which is designed and built to match Tannoy’s existing CMS range. The state-of-the-art speaker is engineered with advanced full-range performance that handles very demanding distributed sound applications for high ceiling installations such as airports, shopping malls, ballrooms, and arenas, among others.

The newest kind of Tannoy speakers for sale for residential use that is very popular is the Mercury V1. This speaker for home use is a compact stand-mount loudspeaker, which provides exceptional flexibility and top performance. The Mercury V1, as a front high fidelity pair, surpasses other brands in bringing in energetic bass and the musical articulation. It is user-friendly and its deep bass punch is compatible with several AV amplifiers and receivers.

The Reveal monitor is a kind of Tannoy speakers for sale for studio and recording use. Reveal is distinguished for its sturdy cabinet and extensive baffle. The cabinets of the latest models that were introduced have been improved, refined and braced, to provide the most rigid platform. The all-new bass driver performs with notably decreased distortion because with 10 hex socket countersunk-head screws are firmly attached to the solid baffle.

Check out, the brand’s official website, for the latest Tannoy speakers for sale.

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