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Tannoy Speaker Stands

Tannoy Speaker Stands are products of Tannoy Ltd, a Scottish-based company that manufactures loudspeakers and public-address (PA) systems. Formerly known as Tulsemere Manufacturing Company, its name was changed to Tannoy, which is a syllabic abbreviation for tantalum alloy, referring to the material included in a type of electrolytic rectifier they developed in the past.

The company that makes Tannoy speaker stands is also behind Prestige speakers, which makes use of Dual Concentric drives. They are easily identifiable with their vintage design. The combination of a high-frequency pressure device that fires through the center of a large bass cone is used by other brands as well. What makes Tannoy distinct, however, is its refinement, simply smashing its competitors in the field.

Tannoy Speakers have corresponding stands, specifically tailored in terms of weight, size and design. However, there are basic or universal stands, bracket, and mounts if others prefer to have the control in choosing their stands. Tannoy speaker stands complement the quality and style of the speakers, while adding flexibility in terms of placement.

Why is it necessary to buy Tannoy speaker stands for your speakers? Some people overlook the importance of stands and brackets for their speakers. Stands help make the system sound better through proper speaker placements. Tannoy speaker stands control the flow of vibrations away from the speaker. To strategically place your stands, it is important to establish your listening seat first. You should try to achieve an equilateral triangle with you and the speakers, where the sides measure roughly 8 ft.

Your choice for the placement of your Tannoy speaker stands will unavoidably affect how your home would look. If you really want to have a great overall sound, then you would not really mind the slight change in appearance of your place. In angling your speakers, it is advisable to position them at right angles and look straight at them. If this is impossible, the next best thing is to create the same angles from each speaker to achieve an equal response. Others don’t want their speakers directly angled, which can sound too strong. Another way is to tilt the speaker, which can improve the accuracy of the tones and create a better image.

Choose your Tannoy speaker stands and stay away from brands made from substandard materials like cheap plastic, ordinary furniture, glass, or thin metals. Make sure you have a good connection between the floor, stand, and speaker. Also, when choosing your stands, take note of sturdiness. Get something that will help you maximize the features of your speakers, as well as something that can withstand prolonged usage.

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