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Feb 8 / admin

Tannoy Speakers

If you are looking for high quality but affordable speakers, Tannoy Speakers are your best bet!

Tannoy Ltd is a producer of loudspeakers and public-address (PA) systems. Founded in London, England , it was called Tulsemere Manufacturing Company in 1926. Its headquarters is based in Coatbridge, Scotland since the 1970s. In 2002, Tannoy became a part of the Danish-based TC Group.

Whether you need sounds for busy environments like airports, malls, convention centers, and churches, or in formal, cozy places, Tannoy speakers bring high-performance sound with the use of cutting-edge technology. These speakers are great for sound reinforcement. It does not matter if the place is just as small as a hut or as vast as coliseum. Tannoy has a diverse array of speakers to accommodate any need.

Tannoy is widely used in famous places like Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Sydney Opera House and London Palladium, among others. The Scottish speaker manufacturer creates high-end sound systems ideal for the audiophile and recording studios.

The DC8T Series

The DC8T series of Tannoy speakers is the mid-level in the three-strong Definition range. This range has similarities with the models of the same name that were sold in the mid-1990s. DC refers to the dual concentric drive component that covers the whole audio range, expanded by a bass-only driver, while 8 refers to the dimension in inches of both drive units. Furthermore, T is for tower, an American term for floor stander.

Each drive unit that measures 200 mm has a 145-mm doped paper cone. The dual concentric driver has a combination of a bass/mid cone and a 25-mm horn-loaded tweeter. This fires through the middle of the cone, creating an efficient two-way full-range drive unit.

This kind of Tannoy speakers has a striking enclosure, which is stylishly shaped that has clean modern lines. The silver cut around every driver and near the base vividly contrasts with the high-gloss black finish. Cherry veneer and dark walnut are the existing designs.

For the reflections and internal horizontal standing waves to be well dispersed, the sides are sturdily curved towards a much narrower back. A silver-trimmed port at the back reflex-loads the enclosure. The magnets concealed under the front panel surface holds the grille in place. It is undetectable if the grille is not in use.

The DC8T, like other Tannoy speakers, has attractive surfaces. Apart from its look, the carcass is in top quality as well. It is built from first-rate plywood, made from opaque birch. The bracing integrates the brand’s Differential Material Technology (DMT) systems to connect the driver/enclosure interface rigidly with suitable self-damping.